Bibby Line

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Our ships operate 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - across the globe.
Bibby Line is the ship owning division of the Bibby Line Group which has, throughout its long history, owned and operated almost every class of merchant vessel, from specialist niche markets such as LPG and chemical tankers through to dry-bulk, container and  crude tankers.

One common feature of all these activities is the round-the-clock demands of operating commercial tonnage in challenging international markets, while always striving to meet our customers changing needs.

Bibby Line has a long and successful track-record in adapting to changes in existing shipping markets while also identifying and exploiting emerging sectors. The fleet has over the last decade undergone radical changes as the market has developed. Bibby Line now operates vessels in the deep sea drybulk trades, the product tanker sector and also in European short-sea shipping but has plans for further significant re-investment in shipping to take advantage of the right phase in the market cycle. Consistently throughout, we operate all our vessels of whatever age in a safe, professional and environmentally friendly manner.

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