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GreenAcres Woodland Burials to Bring New Site to Liverpool

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GreenAcres Woodland Burials to Bring New Site to Liverpool
04 January 2013

GreenAcres Woodland Burials opened its first woodland burial park in 2002 inNorfolk, quickly followed by Epping Forest inEssexand Chiltern in Buckinghamshire, bringing the total woodland in its stewardship to over 150 acres.


But with the current rise in interest by the public in woodland burials it has decided to expand its reach, bringing a viable alternative to the funeral world for those seeking something less stark than a traditional cemetery whether it is for a full burial, an ashes burial or just a simple woodland service.


So they were very pleased when in late December 2012, GreenAcres Woodland Burials was awarded planning permission to develop another site in Liverpool.


Woodland Burials - the GreenAcres way


"The concept of woodland burials aims to reinforce the principle of life's regular renewal, 'the cycle of life' so to speak" commented Andy Paling Managing Director of GreenAcres Woodland Burials. It is slightly different from other 'green' or 'woodland' burial sites firstly, because it is based around restoring and enhancing the biodiversity of existing woodlands that are currently in poor condition and secondly, because of the unique range of facilities provided".


High quality sustainable buildingsform an integral part of theGreenAcres Woodland Burialconcept providing a uniquerange of bereavement andceremonial facilities. Specialisedmanagement techniques areused to incorporate the burialprocess within a long term planto restore the woodland to nativebroad leaved species


All GreenAcres Woodland Burial Parks welcome people of all beliefs and denominations and hosts funerals and ceremonies whether religious or secular and the new site inLiverpoolwon't be an exception and strongly believes in the importance of the funeral as part of someone's bereavement journey, continually striving to ensure all customers wishes where they are legally possible, are met.


No cremations take place on site, although ashes can be interred and graves are marked not by grey headstones but by wooden plaques or carvings.


The Liverpoolsite comprises two 19th and 20th century plantations; Emma Wood and Grace's Wood, both part of the Knowsley estate- although a challenge now is to find a suitable name for the site. Emma's Wood Woodland Burials doesn't quite roll off the tongue!!


The investment in providing a strong alternativeto the general public for their funeral wishes will exceed £1M in the first year and it isexpected that building work will begin inearly spring, with the first visitors expectedin late summer and the park to be fully openby late autumn.


Potential families can rest assured that theGreenAcres Woodland Burial parks run to anextremely high standard. All three of the currentoperational parks have won annual Green Flag

Awards for quality of management, various other environmental and design awards and for five consecutive years from 2005 the company was awarded the IBCA Cemetery of the year award until the award was discontinued in 2010.The company has also just been awarded the European Business Award for Customer Service for Front Line Team of the Year in November 2012.


The GreenAcres concept of woodland burial is based upon principles of sustainability, biodiversity, quality of service and customer choice.And what's more a percentage of the purchase price of each burial plot is set aside to ensure the lifetime of the woodland.


"Many families like the feeling that their burial will be a factor in ensuring the life of the woodland for generations to come" said Nicky Whichelow, Group Marketing Manager for GreenAcres.


"And you certainly don't have to worry that this is an option out of your reach. The exclusive use of the woodland building for a service starts at £195 for an hour and areas for burials and ashes burials can be bought in advance or at the time of need - with the ability to choose the exact place under the designated burial trees"


Benefits of the newLiverpoolGreenAcres Woodland Burial site includes the:


  • provision of a unique high quality bereavement and burial facility, providing burial choice and meeting local needs in a natural, sustainable way


  • opening up of 27 ha or 71 acres of private woodland and meadowland for public access including creation of paths, car parking and toilet facilities


  • management of existing woodland to restore native species, provision of additional woodland planting and enrichment of biodiversity through for example - introduction of bat and bird boxes;


  • provision of a burial facility, which rather than leaving the community with a long-term liability, leaves it with an enhanced woodland and community asset.


  • creation at least 12 on-site jobs for local people;


  • opportunities for local crafts people associated with the creation of carved grave markers (as evidenced from the operational sites);


  • opportunities for schools and conservation groups to use the site for educational visits.

What our employees say:

"It is amazing to see how much goes on around the Group of companies, the success achieved encourages you to keep working hard for the business...."

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