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No Off-The-Shelf Logistics Solutions forHavelock

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No Off-The-Shelf Logistics Solutions for Havelock
12 February 2013

Havelock Europa (AIM:HVE.L) - a leading player in interiors contracting - has signed a three-year contract renewal for the continued provision of its logistics operations with Bibby Distribution, and it's all down to a tailored approach and collaborative working.


Bibby Distribution has managed the delivery of furniture intoHavelockcustomers throughout the retail, education, health and financial sectors nationwide since 2004. The companies have since been working together to define a more cohesive approach to deliveries across the business, in order to maximise efficiency and remain competitive in the face of some tough economic times.


Havelock's Operations Director, Paul Doleman, said: "Having confidence thata supplier willpoint out where you're missing a trick is a rare thing. That kind of relationship can only come about if both parties have a detailed understanding of the business in which they operateand an established relationship which allowsfor frank and honest discussion.


"Bibby Distribution has been able to demonstrate how different methods of delivery scheduling can impact on logistics costs; this in turn has made us more efficient, more joined-up and, ultimately, has delivered a new way of working which allows us to manage the dynamic nature of our business with greater consistency," he added.


Finished products begin their journey atHavelock's warehouse in Dysart,Fife, where a team of Bibby Distribution staff is based onsite to manage the logistics arm of the process six days a week. More than 70,000 pallets were delivered on behalf ofHavelockin 2012, with similar volume expected in the coming year.


Bibby Distribution has supported the company in developing a suite of KPIs and dashboards which look at how the various sectors of Havelock's business link together to offer a structured, competitive and coherent process. 


"There is no off-the-shelf logistics solution that will suit every operation," said Mark Wilson, Divisional Director, Bibby Distribution. "We understand that inHavelock's business, future orders are based on the delivery and service of the current experience; so this is critical to take into account when considering how we combine the stages of supply from manufacturing to final delivery and fit.


"When compared to other industries, the pallet configuration of furniture is worlds apart. We are transporting fragile goods like mirrors, as well as items of all shapes and sizes, which create their own challenges - no two pallets are the same. Knowledge of the business and understanding the idiosyncrasies that make it unique are what I believe makes our relationship withHavelockwork so well. A contract renewal solidifies that and shows that we are doing our job properly and adding value," he added.


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